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We look forward to seeing you all IN-PERSON on September 10th for our 10th-anniversary event!!

Watch the promo video for Dashothsava!!


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Watch last year's event KalAarpanam


What is YSTCA?

YSTCA stands for Youth Service Through Cultural Arts. We are a team of high school youth that conducts fundraising events every year to benefit the community while expressing our passion for Indian cultural arts. YSTCA has been conducting such events for the past 9 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


what is Dashothsava?

KalAarpanam is YSTCA's 2021 virtual fundraising event that will feature a variety of your talents and more!

what cause does dashothsava benefit?

This year we are fundraising for Narika, a non-profit organization based in the Bay Area that helps combat domestic violence in the South Asian community and promotes women's empowerment and wellbeing.

What types of performances will dashothsava feature?

This year we want to feature your talents in our event! Any talent is welcome, from poetry to music to dance.

if a school signs up for a group slot do performers have to be playing together?

If you sign up for a group slot, all participants may sing together or they may split time amongst themselves. As long as all members' talents are showcased in one video, we will accept it as a group slot.

Will the performances be live?

All performances will be pre-recorded. The deadline to submit the recordings is July 10th, 11:59 pm PDT. Recordings will be aired on our socials on July 17th.

can a school have multiple solo slots?

A school can sign up for multiple slots of any duration. Please indicate the number of groups and slots in our sign-up form. 

can groups of 4 or more participants participate in smaller time slots?

If you are not able to fill a 20 minute slot, you may still sign up for a 10 minute slot. The minimum donation for any 10 minute slot with any number of participants is $30.

who can participate?

Anyone! Even if you are not part of a music school, your talents are more than welcome. However, we request that everyone fills out the google form in order to receive a follow-up email.

How do I donate?

Thank you for you generosity! You may donate here

How do i donate if i don't have a paypal account?

If you wish to donate but do not have a PayPal account, please email us at contact.ystca@gmail.com and we will find a way to receive your donation.

Which PayPal option should i select to donate?

There are no goods and services involved, so please select the family and friends option. 

how much of my donation will go towards the cause?

100% of your contribution will be donated towards the cause. 

Should you have any further questions, please email us at contact.ystca@gmail.com